Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Motivation: What will be your next NSV?

Screw the Scale.
Seriously.  We know better.  It's one measurement - one way of keeping us on track, but you know what?  It's the NSVs (non-scale victories) that keep me rolling, that keep me motivated, and that's what I was reminded of this week.

I'm lucky enough to be on my weight loss journey with someone.  In fact it's my favorite someone -  my hubby Luis.  This weekend, we went shopping for a couple of new shirts just to update the wardrobe for some springy colors, and that's when I got to witness his first NSV on tihs jourey - he was a whole shirt size smaller!  

Seeing the flush in his cheeks and the beaming smile on his face made me so proud and so happy for him, but it also reminded me of my own things to look forward.  I'm so excited for new clothes to fit and to be ablel to do things in the gym that I can't do right now.
If you're on a weight loss journey too, keep an eye out for your NSVs.  Jeans feel a bit looser?  Have you stopped craving that late night bowl of ice cream?  Pay attention to the little things that make you feel good along the journey - not just the number on the scale.  Follow the hashtag #nsv on Instagram to see examples of others on this journey, too!  

Live your journey with anticipation:  what will my next NSV be?


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