Sunday, November 10, 2013

The 2nd Annual Cordes Wine Tasting Party!

This post is coming to you from sleepy eyes of a day-after party hostess.

And no, I'm actually not hungover!  Not quite sure how that one happened...

When I woke up this morning, I cringed at the though of having to get back to business and get planned and graded for this upcoming week at school, but I was so glad that we (my roommate and I) spent as much time as we did this weekend preparing and hosting our party.  All too often, a weekend can completely disappear underneath bottomless stacks of papers and mindless games of Candy Crush to avoid that bottomless stack of papers.  It was good to plan, to cook, and to share a ruckus of an evening with some wonderful friends and family.

Below, I'd like to share with you our wine tasting party menu and some decor ideas.  Thanks for stopping by - and stop grading!  Start planning a party!

A Gathering of Friends:  The 2nd Annual Cordes Wine Tasting Party!

  1. The Invitations
    • We very simply crafted an evite that we could send to friends via email or via Facebook.  As much as I love crafting, handmade invitations were just not in the cards for this party.  Here's what we asked:

    • Happy fall, friends!
      After the success of last year's first annual wine tasting party, we are bringing the fun back to Apartment 526 for a second run! A fall-inspired menu will be served. Please bring a bottle of wine to share selecting from the types below. When you RSVP, please let us know what wine you plan to purchase so that the great experts hosting our party can do the appropriate research :-)

      We will need:
      2 Bottles of Cabernet
      2 Bottles of Pinot Noir
      2 Bottles of Shiraz (or Syrah)
      2 Bottles of Merlot

      2 Bottles of Chardonay
      2 Bottles of Sauvignon blanc
      2 Bottles of Pinot Grigio
      2 Bottles of Riesling

  2. The Menu

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Fall Wine Tasting Party!


Inspired by a world of wine, today’s menu features a

global selection of tasty finger food.


French Raspberry Brie Puff
raspberry preserves   ●    brie cheese       puff pastry

Greek Salad Hummus
chickpeas   ●   olives     cucumber       red onion       feta

Guatemalan Shrimp Ceviche
shrimp  ●   tomato     jalapeno      lemon

TexMex Jalapeno Poppers
pastry   ●   cream cheese     jalapeno

Spinach Artichoke Dip
spinach  ●   artichokes     cheese


BBQ Cheddar Chicken Bacon Quesadilla
BBQ chicken   ●   cheddar      bacon

Argentine Chimichurri Chicken Quesadilla
herb chicken   ●   mozzarella     caramelized onion

Mexican Taquitos
beans   ●   beef     corn tortilla

Asian Meatballs
beef   ●   scallion     garlic      ginger

Reuben Egg Rolls
corned beef  ●   sauerkraut   swiss cheese     thousand island 

3. The Decor
I took all of my last minute inspiration from Pinterest. I also forgot to take pictures before the party, so here are some pics of what remained.

Some ideas can be found below:

Paper Pumpkins

Apple Votive Candles

Paper Bag flowers

Or check out my Pinterest board!

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