Monday, June 3, 2013

"We are in the business of saying goodbye"

     There's this eerie silence after the last class leaves on finals day.  For over 180 days, this room has been bursting with laughter, heated with debate, and the host of many first time discoveries of talent, skill, and creativity.  Now:  silence.
     That's it.  That's our job.  One of my teachers (and now CEO) at Golden Apple used to say to us, "We are in the business of saying goodbye".  Those words feel tattoo-traced into my forearms today.  What a strange feeling - to pour heart, soul, joy, discipline,and  every last ounce of energy into 140 young people, and for them to just simply stand up, walk out the door, and say "Have a great summer!", not thinking anything of it.
      How will I muster up the energy to do this all over again come August?