Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snowball 2014 ~ Teens Making a Difference

Just got back from from an amazing weekend away with these kiddos.  If you've never heard about SNOWBALL, its a program for high school students that provides a safe space for them to get to know new friends and find alternate ways of having fun that don't involve alcohol or drug usage.  

The best part about this weekend is the time of year that it lands on the calendar...just when I'm fed up with the everyday shenanigans of my classroom, I get this weekend, out in the wilderness, out in the beauty of Loredo Taft Camp, and I get to spend time with kids as PEOPLE, not as students.  

If you've ever wondered about "today's generation" and if they're ready to take care of us when we're old...fear not.  These kids are passionate, loving, and powerful.  

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