Monday, August 5, 2013

A Stormy Summer Monday

Sitting in the Geneva Starbucks on a stormy Monday night, I'm feeling the need to focus my energy on goal-setting for the upcoming school year.  After five years of doin' this dance, I'm really starting to know myself, my habits (good and bad) and what needs to be improved (and restored) in the classroom and in my life.  Other teachers know how this goes - we burn, burn, burn all year long taking shallow breaths along the way and finally, by the time summer rolls around, I feel like I need fourteen hours of sleep and complete zombie-like status on a regular basis.  None of these behaviors are productive or efficient, so I'd like to dedicate tonight's post to how to make summer purposeful so that I can have a more evenly paced school year.

Tonight, I'd like to focus on BEAUTY.  Here are some ways that I plan to use my summer to experiment with style and procedures to make me feel like a more beautiful me in the 2013-14 school year :-)

  1. Find a salon and COMMIT.
    • This is a huge problem for me...I find salons that I like, but it's too expensive to keep up my appointments and afford cuts!  This summer, I need to find a salon where I can get my haircuts and waxing taken care of when it needs to.  This is an absolutle necessity!    
  2. Take the 30 Day Hair Challenge
  3. Revise morning & night beauty routines
    • Routines are hard for me...I don't like doing the same thing every day, BUT I DO like going to school feeling put together and organized.  I need to use my morning time and my getting ready for bed time as a space to really prepare for the day and wind down and fully relax before bed.

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