Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From the Book Blog: The Good Girl's Guide to Getting Lost

The Good Girl's Guide to Getting Lost By Rachel Freidman

I am currently, slowly, and delicately savoring Rachel Freidman's memoir The Good Girl's Guide to Getting Lost.  I am so enamored by her adventures and nostalgic for my own, that part of me is afraid to finish the book entirely.  This may be my own crisis, but I just don't want the book to be over!  Not to mention, the girls are just about to leave Australia and head for my old home, South America.  The thought of reading about the places where I once lived and haven't returned to is simply heartbreaking.

I emailed Rachel a little while ago to let her know how much I was enjoying her story and to actually say out loud that I've always wanted to write my own.  I believe many teachers develop a certain level of comfort with dishing out great advice that we can't take ourselves.  How many times have I encouraged a creative writing student to JUST DO IT?  Write the story.  Write the poem.  Sit down and do it.  And here I am, not a memory transcribed since living in Argentina in 2006.

Maybe it'll happen this summer, but until then, please go pick up a copy of this incredible memoir.

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